Helikon Announces

Helikon Contemporary Art Association congratulates Mariam Lomadze (Georgia), Bamfo Frederick (Ghana), Nikita Sukhov (Russia), Feby Saiid Fahmy Andraws (Eygpt), Ikuru Kuwajima (Japan), Soheila Bahadormanesh (Iran), Anna Martynenko (Ukraine), Karolina Pielak (Poland), Maya Simkin (USA), Karina Scherbekova (Russia), Jena Jang (S. Korea), Vlada Shtromberger (Russia) as participants of 13th International Art Residency ‘Rebellion’ 2022.

Open Call for Performance Artists

Subject: La Dolce Vita / Sweet Life

Is life that sweet, just like the protagonist’s life in the movie?

Is it living by extravagant parties with celebrities every night?

Or is it hypocrisy or immorality to be practiced at work?

Or is it being aware of the facts about life but denying them all?

Is it better to live like a spoiled snob despite falling down into a deepless well? Would you rather ascend to the sky leaving all the burden behind?

Truly, what makes life sweet?

Date: 16th-22nd of August 2022

Application deadline: 30th of June 2022

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Helikon Contemporary Art Association Announces

In accordance with a general meeting held at Helikon Art Center on the 19th of March 2022, Alp Aslan was elected as the president and Orhan Özçalık was elected as vice-president.  Other elected board members and posts are the following:

Board members: Aslıhan Kocabal, Ülke Evrim Uysal, Özgen Hindistan

Audit commission: Hacer Filiz Orhan, Taner Demirdağ, Oğuz Kuzucu

Olağan Genel Kurul Çağrısı

Sayın Helikon Çağdaş Sanat Derneği Üyeleri,

Olağan genel kurulumuz 12 Mart 2022 tarihinde Helikon Sanat Merkez’inde yapılacaktır. Yeterli çoğunluk sağlanamadığı takdirde genel kurul 19 Mart 2022 tarihinde yine aynı yerde yapılacaktır.



Artists in Residency will be held on 2nd of August-13th of August in Helikon Art Center.

Subject: Rebellion

Who can apply? Painters, sculptors, multi media artists, photography, video artists.

Deadline: 21st of May, 2022 (Please click for further details)