Science fiction is a powerful and unique form of artistic expression of humanity’s anxieties and dreams of the future. It is often spoken that the genre holds an uncanny ability of future sight, it brings complex concepts of science and takes a unique approach to the world with fiction and speculation. Science fiction raises questions of ethics and points at futures possible dystopias before it happens, allowing mankind the time to re-evaluate themselves. Historical events continue to inspire sci-fi and sci-fi inspires new technologies.

For this reason Helikon Art Center is hosting an art residency with the chosen theme “Science Fiction”

We invite sci-fi artists from around the world to join us to discuss, consume and make sci-fi content in. The author of the famous sci-fi speculative evolution novel All Tomorrows, C. M. Kösemen will be participating as our guest of honor.

Duration of residency: 1st of July-10th of July (10 days).

Terms and Conditions

Accommodation is free of charge.

(Food and unlimited coffee & tea costs will be between 60-80 Euro per person during all the residency period.)

  1. We offer a furnished, shared house with 3 single beds with WC/Bath and open kitchen.
  2. Breakfast, lunch and dinners will be served. Vegetarians are welcome.
  3. Coffee and tea is available.
  4. Animal friendly environment. Our center is in hills surrounded by forest, caution to insects or spiders, especially important for those with allergic reactions.
  5. Wi-Fi access can be a headache sometimes due to unstable weather conditions.
  6. Canvas, marble, metal or wood can be found free of charge with several tools of sculpture.
  7. Agreement will be signed by selected artists for mutual benefit.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Artists engaged in painting, sculpture, multimedia, animation, video art, performance & installation are welcome to apply. Residency grant will be limited to 10 artists.

Helikon also accepts applications from individual artists as well as creative duos and/or artist groups. 

Studio / Workspace / Dining

Open studio space with two terraces and a large garden.

Closed studio is an office area, where at least 3 artists can work in the same time.

Atelier for sculptors.

Exhibition hall.

Expectations from the participants

Except canvas, marble or wood, artists should bring all work materials on their own.

Artists are obliged to leave at least one of their art work to Helikon Contemporary Art Association (Helikon will not be hold responsible about art works left by artists).

Artists will be provided opportunity to exhibit their works in an art gallery (will be announced later on) with official opening announce to public at the end of the residency.

Presentations & Discussions: Each artist is responsible to demonstrate/present their works through open/closed studio events every evening.

There will be discussions about the main theme of the residency and other issues concerning contemporary art.

Transportation: All transportation (both local and international) costs are covered by participating artists.

Insurance: Participants are expected to cover all insurances (including health insurance) on their own.

Special conditions: Applicants must have Covid-19 vaccination.

Important: Application of participants of previous international art residencies in Helikon will not be evaluated.

How to Apply: Please fill that form until 1st of June, 2023.

(Selected artists will be informed after 1st of June, 2023)