I:O Art Residency

Subject: Inconvenient Spectrum

Curators: Dymitro Goncherenko & Orhan Özçalık

Identity is a personal feature, a complex of habitual, geocultural and family circumstances that have shaped its outlook and behavior rules in the group.
In the time of transcultural interactions, cultural identity is a much wider concept than geographical and territorial boundaries, which allows to expand personal limits of world perception, friendly relations and family ties.
Stereotypes of identity and mentality play less importance, while respect for cultural diversity and personal openness to knowledge become criteria of a modern personality.
At the same time, an ability to accept diversity should not be synonymous with the oblivion of historical memory and tradition.
The spectrum of personal identity is more varied than geopolitical definitions and territorial formalizations, which becomes inconvenient for conservative communities and totalitarian regimes of the past.
Extension of cultural connections and personal viewpoint is the basis of civilization advancement and the formation of a conscious society.

Participants: Jihen Ben Chicka (Tunisia), Ioulia Marouda (Greece), Chomphunut Phutta (Thailand), Miranda Friedman (USA), Mercedes Aqui (Mexico), Andrii Dostliev (Ukraine), Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn (Thailand), Cyriaco Lopes (Brasil-USA), Rekha Sameer (India-UK), Zahra Yazdani Nia (Iran), VJ Yarkus (Ukraine), Kora Forsch (Germany), Serdar Tepe (Turkey)