Artist in Residency Program

Subject: An Individual’s Social Volume

Volume: It is the quantity of three-dimensional space of an object enclosed by a closed surface.

What determines an individual’s social volume?

What should be the context of this?

Context or contexts

1- Humanity

2- Socio-cultural structure

3- Time

What does an individual add to his or her volume in these contexts?

Philosophy, science and art. A self-improving individual might reach his or her true volume in the right context.

Can an individual, who has a considerable volume in the context of humanity, have the same volume in the contexts of socio-cultural structure and time?

Is it possible that an individual, who occupies a place in the socio-cultural structure, cannot fit into the context of humanity?

Which volume of an individual is the real one?

Curator: Orhan Özçalık

Participants: O Yemi Tubi (Nigeria/UK), Sibel Talas (Turkey), Maral Razvani (Iran), Fırat Yılmaz (Turkey), Mohamad Kazemzadeh (Iran), Roksolana Uhryniuk (Ukraine) Guests: Olena Kainska (Ukraine), Faith Purvey (USA), Thomas James (UK)