Although we humans do not go through the stages of  metamorphosis like insects and amphibians,our mental state and how we evaluate ourselves throughout our lives does evolve and change dramatically based on our life experience. Art it a way to capture this journey of the inner self, either towards redemption or total destruction. Whatever the direction, due to this form of deep metamorphosis,the mentality of this new creature remains unrecognizable and vastly different from the early stages of  innerselves.

Participants: Elimra Aminosadati, Reyhaneh Aminostadi, Aboosaeed Asadi, Maral Esfahani, Mojgan Fayazian, Setareh Golestaninia, Parmis Hakimi, Hermineh Keshishian, Zaynab Movahhed, Mehrak Nejat, Leila Sabyan, Ojan Shirozhan, Golnaz Zibandekhoo

Curators: Neda Tavallaee & Alp Aslan