Open Call for ‘SCIENCE FICTION’ Residency

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Science fiction is a powerful and unique form of artistic expression of humanity’s anxieties and dreams of the future. It is often spoken that the genre holds an uncanny ability of future sight, it brings complex concepts of science and takes a unique approach to the world with fiction and speculation. Science fiction raises questions of ethics and points at futures possible dystopias before it happens, allowing mankind the time to re-evaluate themselves. Historical events continue to inspire sci-fi and sci-fi inspires new technologies.

For this reason Helikon Art Center is hosting an art residency with the chosen theme “Science Fiction”

We invite sci-fi artists from around the world to join us to discuss, consume and make sci-fi content in. The author of the famous sci-fi speculative evolution novel All Tomorrows, C. M. Kösemen will be participating as our guest of honor.