2017 I:O Art Residency

Subject: Order

Curators: Dymitro Goncherenko & Orhan Özçalık

In the last few years the change of usual social relations and cultural characteristics of territories, mass migrations of nations and required internal relocations, the conventionality of usual order and shifting of state boundaries have become ordinary for the current media environment.

The media environment as an actual space of human activity.

The recitation of order as a collective value and control over reality befitted a norm of stream media narrative.

What is a current order of the system and who determines its suitability or declares inconvenient processes as dysfunctional.

Is the certain ideology of ordering dominant over the intersubjective nature of reality?

How does the cyclical nature of history implements in the current media environment and why at the beginning of the 21st century different societies once again crave radical traditionalism and the domination of authoritarian systems of social ordering.

Participants: Maggie Hazen (USA), Kora Forsch (Germany), VJ Yarkus (Ukraine), Serdar Tepe (Turkey), Anton Karyuk (Ukraine), Lena Siyatovska (Ukraine), Taras Popovich (Ukraine), Mert Acaröz (Turkey), Berkin Günsay (Turkey), Elya May (Germany), Tamilla Gamza (Ukraine), Zlatko Krstevski (North Macedonia), Stephen Gunning (Republic of Ireland), Sang Hoon Lee (South Korea), Olya Babak (Ukraine), Jasmine Sarp (USA)