Kalekent Ceramic Workshop Residence, Bodrum

Participants: Dorsa Asadi, Negar Honarpisheh, Rene Saheb (Iran), Orhan Özçalık, Seçil Solak Ulutürk, Tahsin Ulutürk (Turkey)

Serpil & Taner Demirdağ designated a whole floor of their house to ceramic sculpturing due to their huge interest and passion towards the art. After years of experiences In the field they were finally able to create a special studio for their work and now, in June 2019 with a coporation of Helikon art Center, they hosted a group of Iranian and Turkish Artists.

During the residency in addition to creating art sculptures a seminar took place where the artists shared their background stories. Also two native artists of Bodrum made an open studio. Orhan Özçalik created a land art on the shore with the help of the Iranian artists through that he brought the problem of plastic wastes in the waters of bodrum to the attention of the people to the city. In the end, on June 21st 2019 a final exhibition took place in Kalkent Studio, where all the ceramic sculptures that were made in this residency period by the artists were shown, this exhibition became fond of many of the artists and art lovers of the city.