Please contact,

Telephone: +90 (536) 2303660


Address: Kılıçarslan Mahallesi, Düzlük Caddesi 29, Başiskele-KOCAELİ

(You can simply search Helikon Art Center on googlemaps.)

The easist way to get to Helikon is from SEYMEN in Kocaeli Province. When you arrive to Seymen, you can take taxi or if you have vehicle just follow the map.

From Airports of Istanbul:

STEP 1- From Istanbul Aiport, you can take Havaist shuttle bus to Sabiha Gökçen Airport (if so, please follow below step 2). Or you can take Havaist shuttle bus to OTOGAR. In Otogar (which means Bus Station in Turkish), you can take bus to Seymen by Efe Tur company. (Then you can follow step 5). There are two options here because of famous traffic jam in İstanbul.

STEP 2- (By bus or by plane) After you arrive to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, there is green public bus with number 250 outside, goes to İzmit on every hours.

STEP 3- You need to get out the bus in Halkevi Bus Station. Then across the road by overpass. But be mind that there is highway and sideways there. So go to sideway in the same direction as the bus you took from Sabiha Gökçen and find the local bus station near the overpass.

STEP 4- Get on Bahçecik minibus. You should get out minibus in Seymen.

STEP 5- After that accross the road and near the mosque, you will find taxi station (yellow cabs). Some drivers may be new and not aware of Helikon name but for sure they know Orhan. Then you are here.

Or if you’d like to come from Istanbul, you can take subway M1A or M1B until “OTOGAR” station by using Istanbulcard (easy to obtain from machines etc.). Try not to use taxi in Istanbul (other cities are OK but not in Istanbul). In Otogar (which means Bus Station in Turkish), you can take bus to Seymen by Efe Tur company. Then you can follow step 5 above.