2023 Helikon Art Center Mixed Exhibition Opening
By Manjeepal (Karina Scherbekova), ‘Rebellion’ Art Residency
This work shows the observation, reflection and actions of the author, who left Russia after the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine and traveled around Eastern Europe and Turkey in search of temporary housing. Though born in Japan and educated in the U.S., he has lived for 14 years in the post-Soviet countries — 9 years in Russia, 3 years in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and 2 years in Ukraine, where he started learning the Russian language. In the past several years, he actively worked in the fields of Russian contemporary art and book publishing, but the war changed his direction significantly. Made during ‘Rebellion’ Art Residency by Ikuru Kuwajima.
An animation about climate activism made during ‘Rebellion’ Art Residency by Doğa Karaalp & Niyal Alizada.
Short documentary about ‘Digital Solitude’ Art Residency by Alp Aslan 2021
2018 Liberty/Freedom Art Residency by Olha Dovhan-Levytska
Footages from Homa Khosravi 2018
Revisioning the Theathre of War by Maggie Hazen 2017
Welcome to Helikon (Documentary by Alp Aslan) 2017
Helikon advertisement by Alp Aslan 2017
Our Planet Helikon 2017
By Simon Eastwood (with Lonkoloj) 2015
I:O Helikon by Nastya Loyko 2015
Zombo by VJ Yarkus 2014