Open Call for Artists


Insanity has been imagined beyond universal norms. Therefore, it is a stigmatizing concept used by the rest of the society to define a marginal individual. 

Artists are frequently being called insane. However, the art itself is developed not through ‘successfully rising’ artists, who are able to sell their artworks mainly thanks to their marketing strategies; instead the art is progressive through artists, who are often stigmatized with insanity and who have no place in a competitive art market. Nevertheless, these are real artists engaging in production, destruction and in a way rebellion. 

In this context, we would like to invite artists to our residence in order to question the relationship between the artist and insanity.

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Exhibition announcement

“The artist is a three-dimensional explorer; simultaneously exploring his or her identity, traveling into to the darkness of society and looking for being human.”

Opening: January 21st, Helikon Art Gallery @ 17:00

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Scherbekova’s Cotton Wand now online

“This video is a fruit of my ongoing inquiry into the feelings of home. Long before filming commenced, I nourished my interest in the theme, picking up and holding people’s personal stories. I received one story on the 22nd of February from someone whose home was turned upside down in the following few days.

Half a year later I listened again and understood that despite never referencing the calamitous political events that ensued, the story was always responding to the history and connecting it to the present. This story narrates and underlies the video.”

Group Exhibition in Ankara

Helikon proudly announces that artworks made in Helikon between 2014-2022 will be exhibited in Ankara Law Soceity ABEM Atilla Sav Gallery on 10th of September until 21st of September.

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