New Open Call ‘Mediocracy’

Is it the mediocracy that caused the society wide mediocrity, or the other way round?

Hanna Arendt had already revealed and warned us about what ‘the banality of evil’ would unleash.

So, what would happen when banality is itself banalized, when mediocrity itself becomes the standard mediocre?

Mediocrity, will it entrench us into idiocracy or has it already done so?

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Open Call for Artists


Insanity has been imagined beyond universal norms. Therefore, it is a stigmatizing concept used by the rest of the society to define a marginal individual. 

Artists are frequently being called insane. However, the art itself is developed not through ‘successfully rising’ artists, who are able to sell their artworks mainly thanks to their marketing strategies; instead the art is progressive through artists, who are often stigmatized with insanity and who have no place in a competitive art market. Nevertheless, these are real artists engaging in production, destruction and in a way rebellion. 

In this context, we would like to invite artists to our residence in order to question the relationship between the artist and insanity.

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Exhibition announcement

“The artist is a three-dimensional explorer; simultaneously exploring his or her identity, traveling into to the darkness of society and looking for being human.”

Opening: January 21st, Helikon Art Gallery @ 17:00

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